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2008-2009 Undergraduate Participants

Nicole Bushey
University of Vermont
Nicole is from New Haven, Vermont, and attended the University of Vermont in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Pure Mathematics. During the 2008 season, she worked with the VT EPSCoR Streams Project to collect data about the water quality of the streams in the Lake Champlain watershed. She continued this research throughout the school year.

Olesea Cojohari
Green Mountain College
Olesea is from Balti, Moldova and attended Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont during her involvement with the Streams Project. She majored in Biology and Environmental Studies, with a minor in Chemistry. Olesea chose Vermont as a place to attend college because she had heard about its picturesque nature and now she really loves it here. Olesea compared the Total Phosphorus in Agricultural and Urban/Suburban Streams and see where they are higher.

Jacqueline Cote
Saint Michael's College
Originally from Auburn, New Hampshire, Jaqueline attended Saint Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont. She majored in Biology with a minor in Environmental Studies. Prior to working with the Streams Project, Jaqueline spent her last two summers interning at the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. She worked on a team to train high school students to collect macroinvertebrate samples and then accurately identify aquatic macroinvertebrates from Vermont streams to genus.

Erin Doyle
Saint Michael's College
Erin Doyle has a Biology and History double major with an Environmental Studies minor at Saint Michael's College. Having focused her studies on Ecology, Erin is eager to combine field skills with her interest in conservation and remediation in order to solve global environmental problems. At Saint Michael's, Erin has been active in the leadership of the Honors Programs Student Committee and in Edmundite Campus Ministry. Though born and raised in western New York, she has discovered that she is a New Englander at heart, thanks to the past three years in Vermont. She has aspirations of working for the National Park Service. Erin was part of the team that collected and analyzed macroinvertebrates sampled from rivers and streams of the Lake Champlain watershed to determine water quality.

Kaylyn Hawkes
University of Vermont
Kaylyn Hawkes attended the Rubenstein school at the University of Vermont. She was born and raised in Chepachet RI and became interested in environmental sciences during her senior year of high school while enrolled in AP environmental science. Kaylyn's major focused in ecological design with a minor in geology.

Whitney Hine
Saint Michael's College
Coming from Connecticut, Whitney very much enjoyed her time in Vermont. She attended Saint Michael's College in pursuit of a B.S.in Biology with a minor in math. Whitney worked on the Vermont Streams Project identifying the macroinvertebrates of the streams that enter the lake and indicate the overall health of Lake Champlain.

Jacqueline Hubbard
University of Vermont
Growing up in Bellingham, Massachusetts, Jaqueline came from a family that shared a keen interest in the different fields of science. Jaqueline majored in biochemistry at the University of Vermont. While participating in the Streams Project, she conducted an independent research project comparing the amount of rainfall to the amount of phosphorous in the different type of streams of the Lake Champlain watershed.

Johnathon Miller
Norwich University
During his time with the Streams Project, Johnathon primarily worked with Professor Pinkham and South Royalton High School students on analyzing the data retrieved from the project. He also took an active role in the field work, data collection and identification, and water quality testing. Johnathon grew up in northwest Florida outside of the small town of Vernon. He double majored in Geology and Environmental Science at Norwich University. At Norwich, Johnathon has been a member of the Norwich University Corps of Cadets, and in 2008-09 was the Executive Officer of Band Company. Johnathon plans to commission in the United States Navy. Interests within his fields of study include Environmental Health, Environmental Conservation, Environmental Biology, and Geomorphology. His interests outside of his fields of study and the military include agricultural and beef cattle farming.

Ian Myers
Saint Michael's College
Ian majored in Biology and minored Chemistry at St. Michael's College. He was introduced to the streams project through Declan McCabe who was his Community Ecology professor. He enjoys the outdoors and finds environmental science a rewarding job.

Benjamin Nsiah
University of Vermont
Benjamin Nsiah majored in environmental science at the University of Vermont. He was born in Kumasi, Ghana. He moved along with two other siblings to New York when he was fourteen. He chose to study in Vermont because of the tight community that we have here in Burlington and specifically UVM because of its environmentally conscious policies in reducing carbon emissions, and other problems that faces the environment today. For his summer project, Benjamin sampled ponds and streams to compare the ponds effect on the streams. Ponds are built to help aid particles (E. coli, Phosphorus, sediments, etc) to settle before they enter big bodies of water (Lake Champlain). Due to old infrastructure or maintenance problems, some ponds may not be working to their full potential, which for phosphorus is removing up to 80% and 40% e. coli. He sampled upstream and downstream on each stream to find out the effect of the ponds on the streams.

Samuel Parker
University of Vermont

Lorangelly Rivera
Universidad Metropolitana

Timothy Roper
Green Mountain College
During his time with the Streams Project, Timothy attended Green Mountain College with a major in Environmental Studies with a natural science concentration. Timothy's minor is in chemistry. His hobbies include hockey, soccer, and snowboarding.

Celey Schumer
Middlebury College
Celey majored in Physics and Studio Art at Middlebury College. Originally from St. Albans, VT, Celey's eventual goal is to work with a firm on environmental construction and developing "building green" techniques. She plays rugby and ice-hockey, and cooks.

Meredith Simard
University of Vermont
Meredith began her involvement with the Streams Project during the 2008-2009 season as an undergraduate intern. She received a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science with a concentration in Water Resources in May 2009. She enjoyed her participation in the program so much that she returned to the Streams Project as the Research Assistant where she operates the UVM laboratory where water samples are analyzed, trains and supervises undergraduate interns in laboratory and field methods, collaborates with high school teachers to develop a sampling schedule, provides general support for high school teams in field methods and sampling protocols, and maintains field equipment.

Timothy Thurston
Johnson State College

Laura Townsend
University of Vermont
Laura Townsend is from Bedford, Massachusetts. She is an environmental engineering undergraduate student at UVM.