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"Crowdsourcing" Adaptive Interventions: Envisioning what can be done to protect Lake Champlain Basin in the face of Climate Change is CrowdSourcing Solutions to Climate Change!
What is a Climate Change Adaptive Intervention?
Adaptive interventions work to mitigate or offset the consequences of specific climate change impacts. An "adaptive intervention" could be: a policy, a program, a project, or best management practices, planning and engagement processes, or research, modeling and forecasting efforts that help address climate change challenges. An adaptive intervention can serve to "nudge" human behavior. These nudges could incentivize, mandate, or voluntarily persuade decision makers to support the long-term sustainability and resilience of both social and ecological systems. We are "crowdsourcing" a list of adaptive interventions focused on water quality in the Lake Champlain Basin and we are seeking your ideas and solutions!
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The success of is dependent upon maximizing engagement with stakeholders to develop and refine adaptation intervention strategies from all sectors – environment, economic, and societal - to balance and account for competing values and improve and sustain the health of the Lake Champlain Region.
We ask you to join the discussion forum at You can review ideas and input from your colleagues, add constructive comments to their proposed interventions, and make your own additions and amendments as the discussion progresses. You can even "vote" for the best ideas using a 5-star rating system.
Your identity is anonymous to the other participants and your involvement can be limited or extensive depending upon your interest and time available for this process.
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Chris Koliba, Ph.D., Science Lead, BREE Social Systems Group,
Asim Zia, Ph.D., Science Co-Lead, BREE Integrated Assessment Group,
Stephanie Hurley, D.Des., Faculty Lead, Adaptive Interventions Project,
Steven Exler, CSS2CC Lead Software Designer/Developer,